Vontenea Stokes

Vontenea Stokes, Co-founder & CEO of Secure Living, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of real estate investment. Having honed a diverse skill set during her tenure at tesa Tape, a global adhesive manufacturer, Vontenea lived in Germany while serving in various international marketing roles.

Her leadership facilitated seamless cross-functional collaboration and the development of profitable market and product strategies, contributing to an impressive $50M in net sales annually.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Vontenea has successfully raised capital for her own real estate ventures, showcasing her financial proficiency and acumen. Her commitment to fostering connections within the local real estate community underscores her dedication to advancing industry collaboration and driving collective growth.

Secure Living, the investment platform she co-founded, democratizes real estate investment by lowering barriers for everyday people to participate in real estate investing through purchasing shares. Leveraging her multifaceted skill set and proven expertise, Vontenea is dedicated to creating a more inclusive real estate investing network and empowering individuals to build wealth through real estate.

CEO & Co-founder of Secure Living