Mica Fisher

Mica Fisher is an organizer and advocate for economic democracy living in New York City. She is the Managing Director at the National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3), which aims to educate, advocate, and innovate for the development of community capital, a set of tools that allows people of any economic status to participate in local or values-aligned investments and build durable wealth. Prior to joining NC3’s staff, she managed NYC’s Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative, the largest municipal investment in the country to support the development of democratic, worker-owned businesses. There, she also helped launch Owner to Owners NYC, a hotline and technical assistance network to connect exiting business owners with the resources they need to sell their business to their employees. Her passion for the economic democracy and solidarity economy movements started while she was studying at Wesleyan University, where managed the student food cooperative and advocated for a more just food system.

National Coalition for Community Capital