Jenan Jondy

Jenan Jondy is the REI Coordinator at Michigan State University's Center for Community and Economic Development. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a minor in Chemistry, and a Master's of Social Work from MSU, her academic focus included policy and advocacy. A Flint native, Jenan has dedicated herself to promoting systemic equity in local communities.

Her career spans over two decades in outreach, resource development, and program development, with contributions at both national and international levels. Jenan co-founded the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village (SBEV) and played a role in its response to the Flint water crisis, including establishing health clinics for residents.

Jenan continues to work with students from underserved communities in pursuing higher education. Her experience with low-income populations, including refugees and immigrants, has shaped her approach to economic and social issues. Outside of her professional life, Jenan enjoys outdoor activities and traveling.

Regional Economic Innovation Coordinator, Michigan State University EDA University Center