Alfred Rotimi

While studying the Anatomy and Physiology of Psychology at UMBC, JBC’s Founder and President, Alfred Rotimi, was introduced to brewing beer. He quickly grew to love the wonderfully sophisticated endeavor of brewing as it combines biochemistry with art and culinary skill… Did we mention that Alfred is also a wonderful cook?! While completing his neuroscience fellowship at Tufts University, Alfred realized that being a laboratory scientist didn’t spark the same joy as crafting and brewing his own unique beer recipes.

"At that point, my brewing hobby had grown extensively and I wanted to be my own boss. So, I founded Joyhound Beer Company to bring amazing beers to market. I hope that our customers will taste and appreciate the commitment and passion I put into every beer recipe!" - Alfred R.

Alfred singlehandedly designs JBC’s recipes markets JBC’s new and ongoing products, AND self-distributes our beer within Maryland and DC.

Founder, President, Joyhound Beer Company LLC