Natu Myers

Real estate syndicators and business buyers who haven't raised above $1m are working way too hard raising small amounts of capital and netting tiny profit margins from their acquisitions or funds.

Picture this: closing a $10m+ multifamily acquisition or fund, and having a team under you that helps you compliantly raise funds from accredited investors, netting profit margins on a larger deal for you to do the next one.

That’s what most talk about, yet cease to ever accomplish...

After servicing multiple offerings and raising $150m+,

I've noticed a pattern of why most minor dealmakers haven’t "graduated" to $10m+ multifamily acquisitions or business buyouts. I've distilled it down to 3 key broken systems:

System #1. Setup — You Don't know how to set up the legal/financials/securities to raise $10m+.

Without this setup system, there is a risk of non-compliance fines and litigation.

System #2. Mandate — No systems in place to know the investor mandates

Without knowing what investors want before you setup your offering you're gambling by paying lawyers to build expensive PPMs for unfundable deals. You risk paying six figures to a securities attorney to build your fund or offering just for your deal not to raise a single cent.

System #3. Outreach — Limited by having no processes to get it happening all for you

Don't have the network, relationships and systems to actually close large equity investors (they don't know one person in real life qualified to invest)

Now, if you're facing any of these broken systems, I have good news! These are completely avoidable and reversible if you just follow the right process.

At, we are client-obsessed helping entrepreneurs succeed by building these systems.

At, you can swiftly prepare your new real estate fund, rolls-ups, or acquisitions in as little as 2-weeks, then begin to raise $10 million+ for all while joining a new movement of founders saving months of time and millions of dollars in the process. (Ex-executives from J.P. Morgan, Merrill Lynch, KPMG, Standard Bank, US Federal Election Commission, Slate Street. Including founders at, 99Homes, and the US Housing Exchange have raised millions)