Scott Kitun

Scott Kitun has spent the past 10+ years building and investing at the intersection of consumer tech, finance and media. Scott's also a prominent figure in equity crowdfunding having created several popular media properties, including: Pitch Reviews, Technori Podcast and Startup Showcase on WGN Radio -- which resulted in nearly $50M invested via ECF.

As an operator, Scott has started and exited 3 of 4 companies (all of which returned 1-8x to shareholders). The 4th company, Songfinch, where he currently serves as COO and has helped scale the business from $100k to nearly $100M in sales over the past 3 years — increasing shareholder value by 40x.

As an investor, Scott has made over 30 startup investments, including Republic, Apollo, Trust&Will, Alto and many more!

Co-founder, COO Songfinch & Partner at KingsCrowd