Dane Durham

Financial Strategy Consultant

I help financial analysts as well as undergrad and graduate degree seekers in interpreting and deciphering financial data to solve problems and facilitate strategic decision-making in the following areas:

  • Investment Research. I support day traders and other financial professionals with their investment decision-making by providing investment research that incorporates macroeconomic and fundamental analysis.

  • Excel Financial Modeling Training. Many first-year investment banking analysts, prospective finance professionals and students struggle with linking the financial statements. I assist in this regard by walking them through the various steps and ensuring they apply industry best practices.

  • Accounting and Finance Tutoring. I provide instruction to undergrad and graduate students in financial and cost accounting with specific guidance on analyzing financial statements and utilizing Microsoft Excel to solve for time value of money and capital budgeting problems.

Specialties: #ExcelFinancialModeling, DCF Analysis, Valuation Analysis #FinancialAnalyst, #EconomicResearch, Consumption Spending, #Tutor, Managerial Finance, Managerial Accounting.

Financial Strategy Consultant