Emil Nnani

Emil is a dynamic individual who has made his mark in the world as an accomplished artist, inspiring speaker, prolific author, innovative inventor, devoted husband, proud father, savvy serial entrepreneur, and a devout believer. With an entrepreneurial spirit that was evident from a young age, Emil took the business world by storm when he launched his first venture at just 17 years old. His tenacity and vision led him to achieve his first million in sales by the impressive age of 22.

As a true visionary, Emil has continued to blaze new trails in the world of business, most recently as the founder of Boaz Bikes. His groundbreaking electric scooter and E-Bike MaaS platform has transformed the landscape of urban transportation by solving first and last-mile transportation problems for cities all across the globe. Emil's unwavering commitment to innovation and his tireless work ethic make him a force to be reckoned with in the business world and a true inspiration to all who aspire to make their dreams a reality.

CEO, Boaz Bikes Inc