George Pullen

George Pullen is the Chief Economist of Milky Way Economy, a Fifth Industrial Revolution think tank and boutique consultancy based in Maine, Florida, Texas and DC. He is the author of five books related to technology, space and alternative finance. George is an alumnus of the University of Maine and Johns Hopkins. In addition to his role with MWE, Prof Pullen is an Adjunct Professor, Visiting Lecturer, and Instructor at Columbia University in NYC, Eisenhower War College, Johns Hopkins, and University of New Hampshire School of Law teaching financial economics, blockchain, FinTech, alternative markets, and the Space Economy. He is a subject matter expert and advisor with the Global Association of Risk Professionals and International Institute of Forecasters. George also serves as board member and consultant for several small and medium-size businesses in the space economy and is an investor in two Investment Crowdfunding platforms – Crowdfunding Done Brite and For more information on George connect with him on LinkedIN and follow him on social @Pullen4Maine.

Prof Pullen is a subject matter expert and risk advisor for the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). In this role for the past several years George has recommended, reviewed, and helped guide best risk practices as they relate to both the energy markets (ERP) and sustainability and climate, risk programs (SCR). In addition to his work with GARP George is recognized from his work in alternative finance and technology as one of the leading thinkers in the Space Economy. Prof Pullen believes that the intersection of both SDGs, alternative markets, and space is found in the integration of space based data for improved tracking, transparency, and trust in SDG achievements and ESG goals.

MilkyWay Economy