Kevin Shird

This highly sought-after writer and producer has become the content-expert on using the past to build a better future based on his life experiences. At the tender age of 16, Kevin began his very unorthodox journey of becoming a writer and storyteller and it started with dealing drugs on the streets of Baltimore which led to him serving time in federal prison. Since then, Shird has monetized those life lessons by authoring books on social issues and participating in international speaking engagements. He lectures students at colleges and universities on issues like education, public health policy, mass incarceration and re-entry to the community after incarceration. In 2010 he co-founded the Do Right Foundation with award-winning R&B singer Mario, a nonprofit that provided a lifeline to children of addicted parents. During the Obama Administration, Shird was tapped to work on the committee for the White House Office on National Drug Control Policy as well as President Obama’s Clemency Project. Following the Freddie Gray protests and unrest in Baltimore, Shird served as an action consultant to then-Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake’s administration. In 2018 he became an Associate at Johns Hopkins University, where he co-taught a class titled ‘Life and Death in Charm City: Histories of Public Health in Baltimore, 1750 to the present.’ Shird’s investment in activism and advocacy began to make huge returns when writers and film producers approached him about taking his literary work to the Big Screen in Hollywood. In 2019 he founded Shird Productions, a production company that develops and produces extraordinary content for film and television.

Content Creator, Author, Screenwriter and Change Agent