Mark Fisher

I am a seasoned fin-tech innovator and leader with over a decade of dedicated research into the high-cost credit market and its profound impact on millions of individuals. My mission is clear: to provide customer-centric, technology-driven solutions that empower people to break free from high-interest debt using ultra-ethical products and services.

At Finexos, where I serve as founder and product owner, we have developed FIOLA—the Financial Intelligence Online Assistant—an AI-powered system designed to identify and support consumers at risk of financial difficulty or trapped in the cycle of high-interest revolving credit. FIOLA's groundbreaking capabilities have earned it numerous accolades, including recognition at prestigious events such as the 2020 Fairer Finance Hackathon and the 2020 Open Finance Appathon, as well as the honor of being named the most innovative Credit Repair tool by Wealth and Finance International.

Additionally, I have spearheaded the creation of a Cash Flow Based Credit Scoring system—a non-biased approach that rewards consumers for effective money management, thereby empowering them to improve their credit scores. Guided by a shared vision and passion for positive change in the fin-tech sector, I lead a talented and diverse team of experts and graduates dedicated to realizing our mission of fostering financial empowerment and inclusivity.

Global Humanitarian Polymath, Champion for social good, Founder of Finexos and Finethyca