Jeanelle Spencer

Jeanelle Spencer grew up in New Orleans and moved to Baltimore to attend Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where she earned a Ph.D. in molecular biology. While building her career researching and communicating the science behind human disease, “Excellence In Truth and Service,” the motto of her alma mater-Howard University-was always in the back of her mind. It compelled her to do something meaningful and make an impact in her community.

Jeanelle joined a CrossFit gym to support a healthy lifestyle and immediately recognized its benefits. She also noticed the disparity in the CrossFit community. All of the CrossFit gyms in the city were located in predominantly white neighborhoods, and none had a sizable Black membership. She decided to bring CrossFit to the Waverly neighborhood and support the health of an underserved population.

Jeanelle established Zehbras, LLC and Zebras CrossFit to provide an inclusive, supportive fitness community that will empower people to live robust, fulfilled lives.

Owner of ZEHBRAS, a fitness community