Katharine Gilman

Katharine comes to the world of community capital with a passion for rebuilding connections with what sustains us. Working on farms in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Montana, and rural Nepal, she and her husband are now pursuing a subsistence lifestyle with their own dairy cow, bee hives, chickens, pigs, and gardens. Interacting with the food that literally sustains us, Katharine is continually reminded of how disconnected all of our sustaining systems have become, but how beautiful they are when connected. She used to avoid working with money since it drives so much of this disconnection, however she now sees it as the root of where our reconnections can begin again.

Studying Politics at Bates College, Katharine wrote her thesis on best practices for community organizing, looking to the processes of evolution for insights on making societal progress. Soon after, Katharine became the Director of Operations at the Ecology Learning Center, where she was a founding team member to establish this public charter high school in rural Maine working to connect students with real-world learning opportunities in Maine's ecological and societal learning communities. Katharine brings community-rooted leadership to NC3 with an excitement to see this organization live into its name by building a robust coalition, supporting transformation through working with community capital.

Katharine would love to talk with you at any time about partnership opportunities, membership questions, requests for resources, event planning, or simple introductions to what community capital is - please don't hesitate to reach out (katharine@nc3now.org)!

Executive Director of NC3