Franz Hochstrasser

Franz is a Senior Advisor to S2 Strategies. Previously, he co-founded Raise Green and served as its CEO. For those who are overwhelmed by the climate crisis and tired of being told to recycle and petition their way out of it, Raise Green is the community finance platform that enables every American to join the ranks of the heroic entrepreneurs and innovators powering the transition from dirty to clean energy. Franz co-founded Raise Green to make it easy for everyone to join those actually making a difference, to reclaim ownership of the energy system, and put your money to work for the future – as well as a healthy return. He is a former Obama appointee on energy and climate for the White House, US State Department, and US Department of Agriculture, and served on the core team that negotiated the Paris Agreement. He holds a Masters degree in Sustainable Finance from Yale University.

Senior Advisor, S2 Strategies