Steve Cinelli

STEVEN CINELLI is a seasoned banker and financial technology professional, with years of experience in leveraged buyouts, venture capital, private equity and platform finance. Keen on technology as applied to capital formation, he founded and launched the initial online capital raising platform, OffRoad Capital, where he oversaw the investment banking team, designed the UX/UI, and worked closely with the SEC on disclosures, investor transparency, and regulatory compliance. His current project, Renaissance, is an initiative to support economic development with a sustainability focus, while availing financial technology, artificial intelligence and regenerative agriculture. He is a Professor at the University of Johannesburg within the discipline of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, writing and speaking on topics of AI, machine learning, AR/VR, synthetic biology and virtual currencies and distributed ledger technology. He was a founding panelist of Silicon Valley comes to Oxford, a program sponsored by Oxford University.

Banker, Advisor, Strategist, FinTech Exec, Benign Provocateur