Lubica Hanacek

Lubica is a visionary leader with over two decades of experience in the textile industry, where she witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects of industrial practices on the environment.

Motivated by this, she embarked on a mission to create sustainable solutions. Drawing inspiration from nature's resilience, particularly from the ancient Azolla fern's ability to mitigate high levels of CO2, together with her co-founder husband, they developed a groundbreaking technology that transforms CO2 directly into high-performance biomaterials.

Their journey began in adversity, escaping political oppression behind the Iron Curtain to start anew in New York as political refugees. This experience instilled in them an unwavering determination, believing that if they could overcome such hardships, they could achieve anything. With backgrounds in fashion and architecture, they recognized the urgent need for sustainable alternatives in their industries, leading them to found Azolla.

Understanding the urgent need to address the climate crisis while sustaining economic growth, the founders identified the significant opportunity in using waste CO2 and turning it into valuable material that can revolutionize many industries, starting with textiles. Their vision is to empower industries to transition from destructive practices to ones that meet consumer demands while restoring nature, thereby making a meaningful contribution to environmental preservation and economic sustainability.

CEO & Co-founder of Azolla