Karyn Polak

I’ve spent my career at the intersection of values-aligned impact and financial services, working within large law firms and financial institutions and most recently under my own umbrella (Shift the Prism Advisory) to mobilize capital for the greater good. I’m a lawyer by training and a leader by practice – I’ve led teams as large as 300+ and partnered with executives across sectors to advance institutional and community goals. Throughout my career, in my paid roles and my after-hours time, I have consistently sought to reduce racial, gender, and wealth inequities through my concrete contributions as a business executive, non-profit board member, and community convener and connector. I am a student of, a champion for, and an amplifier of institutions and people who seek a more sustainable, more just economy, and I devote my time to advancing that mission both personally and professionally.

Founder and President, Shift the Prism Advisory