Jon'll Boyd

Jon’ll Boyd enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing before embarking on her venture, as the CEO of The Eventful Life Enterprises formerly Completely Yours Events & Design. Her educational background and corporate planning experience led her to the fateful decision to pursue her own business after being unexpectedly downsized from her corporate career. To pay it forward Jon’ll mentored other starting and transitioning planners as well as served on the board of organizations such as NACE-National Association of Catering and Events and Association for Women In Events.

Jon’ll also created the Planners Suite, a learning platform for event planners in the industry to provide resources and tools. The Planner Suite hosted an annual conference for planners and The Planners Suite University which included a 9-week majority online event planning course called Eventagious: The Business Side to Wedding and Event Planning and Event Inc.- The Corporate Side to Event Planning. The Planners Suite helped over 400+ new and seasoned event planners since 2017, and has been featured on ABC-7 in 2019.

She has always been a fierce advocate for helping women build their business and build a community. She saw the need was much greater and wanted to reach more women who may be struggling with business, motherhood, or just showing up as themselves and that is where The Eventful Life Enterprises was born, a lifestyle company that takes life purpose and business coaching as well as self care helps guide women to becoming the highest version of themselves.

The pandemic also helped Jon’ll rediscover a long time dream of hers, to own an event venue and not just any venue but a vineyard. Alongside her husband and their two boys Jon’ll pursued becoming a winemaker. She is a Roots Fund Scholar. She is currently completing her Wine Business Management Certificate through Washington State University and completed and passed her WSET Level 1. Jon’ll and her husband, Matthew recently just launched Boyd Cru Wines and became the first Black family owned winery in Maryland. They look forward to growing into a full service stand alone vineyard which will be the vehicle that helps them live their legacy, give back to their community as well as encourage other men and women of color to seek an amazing career in the wine industry.

“One thing entrepreneurship has taught me is it requires both doing the work and walking by faith because each day you are blessed enough to open your eyes is another day to show up and fulfill your purpose.”

Co-Owner/Winemaker, Boyd Cru Wines