Paul Lovejoy

Paul always loved investing, even as a kid and found success as a real estate investor before his 30th birthday. However success did not last long when the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 hit.

It was at that time he discovered he had been defrauded by Doug Swenson, the "Bernie Madoff" of Boise Idaho. Doug Swenson went to prison but Paul was financially devastated leaving him feeling powerless & ashamed by the magnitude of his losses.

Not only did he have poor financial health, this event caused his physical, mental and emotional health to suffer for years with a toxic pattern of denial and despair.

In 2015 to break free from this toxic pattern, he made a commitment to practice the self-care acts of healthy eating, regular exercise and good sleeping habits.

During this practice he realized that financial self-care was more than just making money. That it's really about how we view money and finance. About our thoughts, habits, and how all of humankind is interconnected economically.

That financial self-care is vital to our overall well-being. This journey of personal development led him on a path to start Stakeholder Enterprise, A Crowd Investment Advisory.

Today he helps clients build wealth ethically with investments that promote a sustainable and inclusive financial ecosystem with the opportunity for risk-adjusted market returns.

Paul is a crowd investor and guides other compassionate human beings to achieve financial well-being through crowd investing.

Principal Investment Advisor, Stakeholder Enterprise, A Crowd Investing Advisory