Irma Sanchez

Irma Sanchez, the founder of Acceso Capital Fund, is a dedicated strategist and a regular television commentator on Telemundo Atlanta. Her goal is to improve financial access for the Hispanic community, helping them build capital in an economy where Latinos have a significant presence, with a GDP of $3.2 trillion and a purchasing power of $3.4 trillion.

Using her platform, Irma focuses on crowdfunding as a tool to provide capital access to the Hispanic community. She is committed to promoting entrepreneurship, economic growth, and job creation, especially within local communities. Irma is particularly passionate about supporting Latina entrepreneurship, addressing challenges, and highlighting opportunities in the economic landscape through Spanish-language crowdfunding platforms.

Entrepreneur - Coca-Cola Ambassador for the development of educational programs for women's leadership Globally - TV commentator on Telemundo Atlanta - Author - Advocate for access and equity