Dr. Canaan Van Williams

Dr. Van Williams brings his knowledge of Social Impact Investing to real estate investing. We are a more Affordable-Housing Focused Fixed-Income Fund. Positively & Immediately Impacting the communities that We..... The ProActive Realty Income Fund, LLC invests in. As an Impact Fund, ProActive focus on people in the communities. No Gentrification or Displacement of Residents. Doing Great for Our Investors....While Doing Good.

In addition, the Fund pro-actively supports Access to affordable decent Class C, and some Distressed B housing, and Works to facilitate the development of and investment into such assets. In many lower tier communities, there tends to be blight, and many investors are not interested in "Rough" neighborhoods due to the difficulties in asset management, and often Social Barriers.

Key Skills: Communication with Residents, Preservation of Investor Capital, while Generating Sustainable Returns in the ESG Space. Multi-family Real Estate Investing, Asset Management, Private Equity Fund Development & Administration, Underwriting Deals, Due Diligence, Working with Social Service agencies that place Residents in housing via Section 8, Veterans, Domestic Violence Confidential relocation, those at Risk for Homelessness Individually & Families: disabled housing for various Vouchers.

Fund Manager, ProActive Real Estate Group