David Carpentier

David Carpentier is the co-founder and CEO of Assurely, a venture-backed, high-growth insurtech that builds and delivers insurance for changing industries and innovative companies. He is considered one of the top forward-thinking, innovative, and strategic professionals in the insurance industry. From early on in his career to today, David is known for taking on and solving emerging insurance problems that no one else can solve.

David's name is well known in the crowdfunding space for Assurely's innovative TigerMark Directors and Officers Insurance. It is the only crowdfunding-specific insurance product made for companies raising capital and the partners and investors that support them. TigerMark has been vetted and recommended by the platforms, advisors and legal professionals in the capital raising space and is well-recognized as the market-leading D&O product for companies who have are or have raised capital via crowdfunding.

CEO and Co-Founder of Assurely