March 21, 2024
B&O Rail Museum
901 West Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21223

Unlock the Power of the Crowd at SuperCrowdBaltimore!

Join us on March 21st at the iconic B&O Railroad Museum for a transformative day dedicated to fueling growth and innovation. SuperCrowdBaltimore is the premier event for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and community leaders eager to explore the vast potential of investment crowdfunding.

From 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, immerse yourself in a dynamic environment of learning and networking, followed by an exclusive VIP dinner for those seeking closer interactions with our renowned speakers. Dive into interactive workshops and large group sessions covering everything from local investing and community building to clean energy and social equity.

Hear firsthand from over 20 industry leaders, including crowdfunding pioneers Sara Hanks and Jenny Kassan and Baltimore's own economic trailblazers. Don't miss your chance to learn from Devin Thorpe, a seasoned crowdfunding author and professional, as he shares invaluable insights.

With structured networking at breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack break, you'll connect with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. SuperCrowdBaltimore is where your journey to successful crowdfunding begins. Secure your ticket now and be part of a movement shaping the future of investment in Baltimore and beyond!

Here's what our SuperCrowdUtah participants say

Want to know if a conference is a success? Listen to the chatter between sessions… At SuperCrowdUtah you could hear the excitement of participants and watch in realtime as crowdfunding novices were making meaningful connections with industry giants.

Christian Harrison

SuperCrowdUtah brought together some of the leading minds in the investment crowdfunding and impact investing space. Highly recommended that investors and founders check out future events!

Brian Belley

A blended approach is great. From tactical to strategic, legal and so on.

Steven Cinelli

SuperCrowdUtah was amazing! The world needs this. The country needs this. Your neighborhood needs this. Your business need this. Your child-entrepreneurs need this.

- Logan Calder

Even as a Crowdfunding novice, I learned a massive amount in a single conference that would have taken me months to learn on my own!

John Child

The SuperCrowd event featured a league of championship opportunities, including invaluable investing and financial market insights, a ton of entrepreneurship advice, essential lessons on investor due diligence, grand networking opportunities, crowdfunding ecosystem building and great brand visibility.

Terrence Gallman

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Empower Your Venture with Community Capital at SuperCrowdBaltimore

On March 21st, the historic B&O Railroad Museum will transform into a hub of innovation, education, and collaboration for SuperCrowdBaltimore. This unique event promises to be a cornerstone for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and community leaders looking to harness the power of crowdfunding to fuel their growth and impact. From the early morning buzz of networking over breakfast to the closing moments of an exclusive VIP dinner, every element of SuperCrowdBaltimore is designed to inspire, educate, and connect.

A Day Packed with Opportunity

The event kicks off at 8:30 AM and runs through to 5:00 PM, offering a full day of immersive experiences. SuperCrowdBaltimore isn't just another conference; it's a journey through the landscape of investment crowdfunding, tailored to the vibrant diversity of founders, social entrepreneurs, and those committed to fostering economic prosperity in Baltimore and beyond.

Learn from the Masters

With over 20 speakers, including Baltimore's own economic champions and global crowdfunding experts like Sara Hanks and Jenny Kassan, the event is a rare convergence of minds. Devin Thorpe, a pioneer in the crowdfunding space with a wealth of experience in raising capital, will share the stage, offering insights distilled from years at the forefront of crowdfunding. Topics range from niche areas like "Crowdfunding for Spinouts" to broader themes of "Community Building" and "Social Equity in Baltimore," ensuring a rich tapestry of learning for every attendee.

Networking with Purpose

Structured networking opportunities are woven into the fabric of the day, with dedicated times at breakfast, lunch, and during the afternoon snack break. These moments are designed not just for exchanging business cards but for forging meaningful connections that could be the catalyst for your next big project or investment.

Interactive and Engaging

What sets SuperCrowdBaltimore apart are the interactive workshops alongside large group sessions, offering a hands-on approach to understanding the nuances of crowdfunding. Whether you're a novice eager to learn the basics or an experienced entrepreneur looking to scale, there's something for everyone.

Praise That Speaks Volumes

Feedback from past events speaks to the transformative nature of SuperCrowdBaltimore. Attendees like Terrence Gallman have hailed it as a "league of championship opportunities," praising its comprehensive approach to covering all facets of crowdfunding and investment. John Child's testament to the rapid learning curve and the blend of tactical, strategic, and legal insights underscore the event's value to both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

A Historic Venue with a Modern Twist

The B&O Railroad Museum is more than just a venue; it's a symbol of Baltimore's rich history and innovation. The inclusion of a historic train ride adds a unique touch to the event, reflecting the journey of growth and progress that SuperCrowdBaltimore embodies.

Join the Movement

As SuperCrowdBaltimore unfolds, it will not just be about the exchange of ideas but about building a community that stands at the forefront of economic innovation. Whether you're looking to raise capital, invest in burgeoning businesses, or contribute to Baltimore's economic resurgence, this event is your gateway.

Secure your ticket today and be part of a day that promises to change the way you think about investment, innovation, and community building. SuperCrowdBaltimore is more than an event; it's where the future of crowdfunding and community capital takes shape. Join us and be part of shaping that future.

Hotel Reservation

Hotel Name: Sheraton Baltimore Washington Airport Hotel - BWI

Hotel is offering special group rate for the SuperCrowdBaltimore Attendees and Speakers.