Registration Bag

Your conference co-hosts have contributed valuable items for you as rewards for attending SuperCrowd22.

National Coalition of Community Capital (NC3):

  • Half-Price Membership for New Members: NC3 is pleased to provide you with a half-price membership, individual or organizational, if you attend SuperCrowd22. NC3's mission is to educate, advocate, innovate and activate community capital, and by joining with us you become a partner in this important movement. Annual memberships are on a sliding scale, with individual dues of $75-$300 per year, and organizations from $100-$500 per year. Learn more about the benefits of membership here. Please note that a listing in the TA Directory is a benefit of full-priced membership. To take advantage of this offer, send an email to Mica Fisher by clicking here.

The Kassan Group:


  • All attendees can also get a 30-day free trial of KingsCrowd's Edge Pro membership to get unlimited reports and ratings like the one attached by using coupon "TRIAL30" at checkout (or visiting the direct link here)

  • Free Analyst Report - Hydro Wind Energy (normally included with Edge Pro Membership - $49.95)

Zebras Unite

  • Get 25% off one month of access to our Creator toolkit. Just use the discount code 'SuperCrowd22' when applying.

Devin Thorpe