Richard Bliss

As a LinkedIn Top Voices and experienced executive communications manager and Social Media Coach, I work with executives and sales teams, helping them become more comfortable with social media and more fluent in social conversations. I help them build their platform and confidence to reach their audience effectively.

Executives must have mastery of 21st-century communication tools to be successful at leading 21st-century organizations. These tools offer incredible opportunities to connect, increase brand awareness, and reach more people through thought-leadership, advice and social conversation.

Curious and passionate about what drives corporate success, I've worked with start-ups and high-growth technology companies in EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Latin America; I've helped them position for multi-million-dollar revenue growth and acquisition by focusing on the global market while leveraging local diversity.

All this experience has allowed me to execute tactical programs to drive demand generation, new revenue and increase brand awareness by:

  • Defining brand vision and strategies

  • Building high-caliber Social Selling Sales Teams

My belief for establishing foundations for content marketing include:

  • GTM strategy

  • Partner alliance development/channel marketing

  • Search campaigns, SEO campaigns, social media campaigns

  • Corporate messaging

  • Positioning

Other Things You Might Like To Know About Me:

  • I published the book “DigitalFirst Leadership” in 2021, as a guide to help executives master the language of social media.

  • I have lived in Latin America and Asia

  • I am fluent in Spanish

  • I’m an expert in crowdfunding

  • You can follow me on Twitter at @RichardBliss