Sponsor the Superpowers for Good TV Show Starting at $295!

The Super Crowd, Inc., a public benefit corporation, founder and CEO Devin Thorpe, hosts a twice-weekly streaming television show called Superpowers for Good. You can sponsor an episode of the show for as little as $295!

You may wish to sponsor more than one episode, ultimately reducing your cost to Buy in bulk and get your rate as low as $150 per episode! A sponsored episode includes a 20-second video ad, a 30-second on-screen overlay during the content of the show and a banner ad in the Superpowers for Good newsletter shared with the episode. Our growing list has over 5,000 subscribers and an open rate of 20 percent.

The show streams live on the e360tv network, where most of the audience watches it on television. The network also streams the show online and on mobile devices. We simultaneously screen the show on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. The show is also available as an audio podcast, shared on all podcast channels, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

If you sponsor more than one episode, we'll gladly help with the production of a video and banner (though your creative team may do a better job).

Ready to sponsor? Click one of the buttons below. Prefer to chat? Book time with Devin using the calendar tool on this page.

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