Apply to Pitch!

Application deadline: August 31, 2022.

The National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3) will be hosting a live crowdfunding pitch session at SuperCrowd22 on Friday, September 16 at 1:00 Eastern. The conference and the pitch sessions will be virtual.

The conference will encourage people to invest in their communities, underserved populations and social entrepreneurs working to solve the world's big problems. Regardless of your industry or scale, you can build a community-aligned business. Learn more about community building principles on the NC3 website.

NC3 SuperCrowd22 Impact Crowdfunding Live is open to any company willing to follow the community capital principles and is actively raising money on a FINRA Registered regulation crowdfunding portal or is conducting a regulation crowdfunding offering with the help of a FINRA Registered broker-dealer.

We'll notify applicants of decisions after August 31st. We're notifying applicants shortly before the event to ensure that offerings remain live and will likely be live on September 16.

Whether or not you are chosen to pitch, applicants will receive two tickets to attend SuperCrowd22. This will be the event of the year for impact crowdfunding. Participants will be invited host table discussions during two separate hours on Thursday, September 15.

Whether or not you are chosen to pitch on September 16, you may wish to host a table on the 15th to ask for mentoring or advice from those in attendance. In that setting, you may wish to practice your pitch.

Please be sure to put SuperCrowd22 on your calendar now!